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AIDS: The Early Days

I must confess that this issue’s writing assignment was a bit of a challenge. In the early days of the AIDS scourge, I had chosen to marry my wife and begin raising a family. My social network didn’t include very many out gay men and, understandably, I spent very little time “out and about” as I shared parenting of my four children.

Even after our 14-year marriage ended, we remained mutually supportive co-parents and a lot of my time was spent doing “parent stuff.” My social network did expand and I became involved with a queer volunteer fundraising organization. But my involvement with the gay community remained limited.

Of course, I was aware of, and informed about, HIV/AIDS, the risks, and the effects of this plague on others. But by the time I could regularly be “out and about,” the pharmacology of HIV/AIDS had evolved to the point where most individuals living with HIV were able to restore a degree of normalcy to their lives. Where once the medications themselves were responsible for many of the observed “symptoms” of HIV/AIDS, now people could live healthy, constructive and satisfying lives, free from the death sentence that was the hallmark of the early days of AIDS.

As PinkPlayMags dedicates their 2024 issues to this 40th anniversary of the epidemic, I am inspired by the many stories of those who bravely persevered in the face of appalling challenges, risked their own lives and social engagement to step up and sound the call governments, the medical establishment, and society at large to deal with the issue.

I am also so very proud of those others, who became the caregivers when the medical establishment at the time insisted on treating the infected as pariahs, unworthy of their support.

In future issues, we’ll be looking at the science of HIV/AIDS, commemorate the many amazing individuals who were taken from us by this horrible virus, and look toward a future where life becomes a bright adventure for all.

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