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What is Wellness?

Wellness is a multi-dimensional state of being that encompasses our physical, mental and spiritual condition. The central aspect of wellness is your state of mind and self-awareness regarding your life in the world.

We’re living in a media-saturated environment with an obsession for “wellness,” but too often the references are intended to market a book, a supplement or a specific philosophy.

I’m not going to provide a checklist of “stuff to do” to support your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Rather, what I’d like you to consider is the larger aspects of taking care of yourself and shoring up your place in the world.

There’s no shortage of articles about diet and exercise to support your physical well-being. Likewise, we are surrounded by informational resources that address personal mental health through self-awareness and supporting the development of self-esteem, whether that’s through affirmations or self-reflection.

Spiritual wellness is a slightly trickier topic, in that many people equate spirituality with commitment to religious doctrine. In fact, even atheists and agnostics can benefit from adopting a more spiritual attitude towards the world and our place in it. For example, meditation does not require engagement with any religious belief system.

Yoga is a triple whammy of physical activity, mental relaxation and spiritual centeredness that can support us on all three fronts, leading to a more balanced life overall. Yoga also has the benefit of allowing you to start “light” with simple movements, less stressful poses, and gradual advancement within your comfort level at each step.

The point here is that the most important “first step” in your wellness journey can be a simple change to your attitude toward wellness itself. Rather than seeking out “magic formulae” in a rush to wellness, take some time to really think about your wellness goal. By cultivating an internal, centered approach to how you think and feel about wellness, you will find that next steps come more easily in a natural progression of discovery about your physical, mental and spiritual self.

Don’t push the river… take some time to contemplate its flow and you may find that you arrive at your destination exactly when you should.

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